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Healthy eating is everyone’s dream and it is needful to think a lot before coming up with the right meal to have. Poor diet can lead to the health problems since the body is not getting the required amount of nutrients for better growth and development as well as protection against invading pathogens. To begin day well it is needful to have a substantial and nutritious breakfast that will provide you with a lot of energy. In the USA for many families it is a custom to consume corn flakes since it’s known and recommended as a nutritious meal. Corn flakes are packaged breakfast cereals which are made from toasted corn and served cold with sugar and milk. Numerous documentation and qualities of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes had been spread all over in order to show that these corn flakes are good and good for you.

Ethical appeal describes the fundamental values, character, or disposition which can characterize a particular culture, organization or people. In this case, corn flakes product show that they don’t thrive unless their customers will be satisfied. This ethical appeal ensures that the product is the highest possible quality and the right prices set.

There are many imitations and equally packaged cereals that flooded the market. This greatly affected the Kellogg’s Corn Flakes company, thus they decided to mark with their logo every single flake they made with laser machines. This beam which created a logo on the flakes was not even altering the taste. Kellogg’s logo on the corn flakes showed the customers that the flakes are genuine and healthy to eat.

Pathos involves the emotional part of persuasion. This greatly engage the customers’ imagination and sympathy. This appeal to be identified with Kellogg’s Corn Flakes has an influence on people or rather buyers. For instance, use of appealing adverts of eating corn flakes showed that the product is good not only for bodily health, but also for mental health. This made people all over to yearn to be identified with this product.

Corn flakes are very wholesome and healthy meal which provides the body with required nutrients for growth and defense. It contains low fat, sugar, and calories, that help to control the weight. Another well known benefit of the Kellogg’s corn flakes is their digestibility which means that nutrients are easily absorbed by the body.

This product is very popular among the young people and have a great appeal for them. Statistics reveal that the consumer market has been growing at a very steady rate of about 15% annually for the past couple of years. Thus the target market of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes are kids between 8-11 years.

On the package, the word “Kellogg’s” is printed in large red letters across the pack which creates appealing look for the buyer and makes it easy to identify. There are numerous celebrities who promoted the Kellogg’s Corn Flakes such as David Beckham, Chris Tarrant, and Robbie Williams et al.

On the flakes’ packaging you can find a description of the available ingredients, hotline numbers, and detailed table indicating the nutrients, fat, and calories in content. There are a lot of advertisement on the rear side of the pack, where you can find stories and description of well-known sports events and others.

The Kellogg’s corn flakes offer a much more healthier and substantial meal. For instance, the calorie level in a plate of flakes is about 170 calories, which is in fact less percentage than the expected level. Consequently, company tries to sell high standard and health products to its customers. In addition, this product consists of vitamins and minerals which are needful in body functioning and growth.

Every time I am eating, I think about the level of health, how it will benefit my body and standards. Such standards as low fat and sugar content are extremely important in each food product as they determine how healthy your body will grow. Well balanced food should contain all the most important nutrients in the required proportions, consequently it is another important concept.

Nevertheless, there are several standards in Kellogg’s Corn Flakes which I strongly detest. Kellogg’s Corn Flakes contains lots of desired nutrients like vitamins, fiber content, iron and others but the calorie level of the product is extremely low, thus gives the consumer little energy to start the day. I prefer food which contain a large amount of calories as this will enable me to be in move and energy whole day. Another issue with the corn flakes is the salt content, which is very detrimental for body growth. Also the fact that you can’t eat flakes without mixing them with either milk or water make some reasons to think about the self-sufficiency of food.

A list of standards in Kellogg’s corn flakes differ a lot from my own, since includes too much salt, are not sufficient food, and also low calorie level in corn flakes.

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