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There Are Lots of RS gold abandoned places in Runescape

All I was asking for was to get some kind soul to buy me items off the G.E. and sell to me for exactly the exact same cost or for a 10k profit on their ending. I then went to different merchanting clan chats, Runescape C.C, the G.Es of worlds 1, 3, in addition to a couple others only to acquire the specific same reaction. I only found 2 people who have been kind enough to assist me after over 8 hours of asking for assistance. Therefore the question becomes apparent: Is the total RuneScape population adopting the same mentallity?

Note: Yesterday I purchased someone 3M value of Green D'Hide bodies for the exact same reason without a hesitation and everything ran flawlessly. Second Notice: I have evidence that I am ready to cover the costs with not just over 6M in cash and character runes but also a Santa Hat in my mind, which, until today, I have been committing for 24 hours free to people in Sals CC while I wasn't playing RuneScape. What occurred Sals? Why are we so quick to take but hesistant to return? As most of you ought to know, you will find lots of abandoned places in Runescape. Now, this may either mean it has not had a graphical upgrade for years, occasionally it's never ever had new images, or, it only has nothing to do there.

The other problem is places and cities just not being big enough to bother around occasionally, or things that are plain weird. The objective of this entry is to promote thought about what might be done to resolve this, and to collect those ideas. First, let's begin with Burthorpe, an important city in Asgarnia, nevertheless, forgotten and left alone for many years. Burthorpe was the capital of Asgarnia, until the King fell ill. . It isn't in any way grand, there aren't any walls aside from the castle, meaning an assault in the trolls could be catastrophic, and the castle walls has been broken on the side where trolls would attack, although it does possess scaffolding, however no employees trying to fix it, or no guards to safeguard it?! That is really mad! Not just that, the city has never had a lick of paint, which makes it really look dull, boring and useless.

Now, a grand city, larger than Falador with enormous walls and two massive gates protecting the entrances, with little rooms for the guards to make java in, sleep and eat in while off duty (Or on duty for all those lazy ones. .) Would certainly make it better, the walls could be black rock. Many houses would be inserted to keep all of the occupants secure, similar fashion to Falador, but in black. Each one would be a reasonable size and could consist of things for dwelling, a double bed, a buy RuneScape gold bath, another bedroom for a young child, a downstairs with a kitchen and dining room and a bookcase, maybe more, but these are required.

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