Here's hoping for purposeful investments for Bells in a future update from Nanlina's blog

Boot up, see whether Redd is in, see whether any rare insects are outside / fish for Animal Crossing Bells that moment.

Otherwise - go talk to an animal that states 3 things total over and over and over again (regrettably ).

Here's hoping for purposeful investments for Bells in a future update. I didn't even mistreat the Turnips like the others did.

Either way 95+ hours for $60 is excellent price.

I'ts unreal how difficult a few things are.

Possible villagers and yet I can not ask someone to leave. Whenever someone is at the campsite, I have to experience the most infuriating song and dance to get them to move in and then I'm not even allowed to pick who I wanted to move out.

This, together with so many goofy little things, make a peaceful experience turn sour in such an unnecessary way.

I truly HATED the long, dull tutorial of NH. I know they wanted it to feel like you are developing a city on a remote island from nothing, but it was this kind of constant slog to get through.

They could have condensed it into like the first 3 days of playing spreading it out over two literal weeks was not fun in any way. The first few days were walking around and picking weeds essentially since you could not even get Your Entire island or the principal buildings were under construction

Could we get some voices in this thread from those who actually enjoyed the match? It's going to end up being the best selling game on the change at the end of this season and all the top remarks are only"game is dull". I would rather hear from people who actually like Animal Crossing games and listen to how they would want to improve the buy Animal Crossing New Horizons Nook Miles Ticket series going forward.

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By Nanlina
Added Oct 8



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